Activating Love and Grace.

At GracePoint, we’re passionate about family, friendships, and growing together in our relationship with God.  Regardless of where you’re from, what your background may be, you are welcome here.

Jesus drew people to himself through loving and serving others selflessly.  We believe that Jesus still draws people to himself, in the same way, today, and he uses his church to do so.  That’s why our mission is to love our community and to share the reason why. This means embracing and living out the radical hospitality of Jesus every day, everywhere, all the time.  So, we’re creating a place where people can find family, community, and hope in times of need.

But creating a place is not enough.  We need to learn to live out our mission daily and activate the love and grace of Jesus in our lives.  The GracePoint Five Point Focus helps us do exactly that.

We believe that God created us for relationship.  That’s why our first focus is to connect people with God through Jesus Christ and with other believers at GracePoint Church.  After connecting, the next step is to grow to maturity spiritually, in character, and in knowledge.  Loving others through service and sharing the good news of Jesus brings joy and fulfillment to our lives, as well as offers a grace-filled invitation for others to connect with Jesus, too.  Through learning to connect, grow, serve, and share, we believe that we are living a life that brings honor to God.  And honoring God is the very heartbeat and desire of GracePoint Church.

– Chris Harrington, PastorRegardless of where you’re from

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